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We're going digital!

Starting this year, all our packages are going digital.

Since we've launched, we've noticed a trend: people want digital files over prints. Prints are great, and we love setting clients up with them, but we've found that the majority of our clients want the digital files over the prints. So we hear you!

Each package includes a complimentary Facebook album to share with family and friends.
We will personally upload the best images from the session, create a custom album on our Facebook Page, and tag you in the pictures for family and friends to see! We do all the hard work for you at no additional cost.
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1. Select Your Package


The Moment


For the moments you want to remember.
Never forget his favorite super hero costume, or the outfit she wore the first day of school. That new smile without braces... Capture them today and keep them for a lifetime.

  • Up to 30 minute session.
  • Up to 2 People
  • ◊ 20 Full Res Images
  • ◊ 1 Outfit
  • ◊ Choice of studio or on-location
  • ◊ $150

The Cloud


  • Up to 1 hour session
  • Up to 4 People
  • ◊ 45 Full Res Images
  • Up to 2 Outfits
  • ◊ Choice of studio or on-location
  • ◊ $275

The Epic


  • Up to 2 hour session
  • Up to 8 People
  • ◊ 80-100 Full Res Images
  • ◊ Unlimited outfits (within session time)
  • ◊ Studio and/or on-location
  • ◊ $525

2. Get Some Extras


Available in addition to any of the above packages

Add a Signature Series Package
Click here to learn more about our Signature Series designs.
$75 | Additional Signature Series (image of your choice) plus a free 8x10 of the image ($30 value)
$200 | Signature Series Digital File (or 3 images for $500)

3. Schedule Your Session!